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About Us

www.intiraymi.org is a website created and administrated by RAP Travel Peru, a 100% local agency from Cusco.

Our website www.intiraymi.org is focused on organizing a trip for you in the month of June when Inti Raymi, or the Sun festival, takes place, here we will show you some of the programs we’ve prepared so you can enjoy Inti Raymi.

Besides the Sun festival we also offer other tours to complement your trip to Cusco, like Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley of the Incas, the southern valley of Cusco and tours in the city of Cusco as well as outside.

We have professional staff with years of experience in local tourism, they will guarantee that you find the tour you want when you travel to Cusco.

Sustainable Tourism

RAP Travel is a Christian company that was founded by the principle; love your neighbor. We are committed to helping various communities in the Cusco region.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the touristic activity in Peru by offering tourist destinations in an innovative form both to national and international tourists.

We also try to contribute to improve the Peruvian tourism by promoting respect for mankind, the nature and respect for a decent life.

Our Vision

To be the leaders of both the national and international market as a company with expertise and excellent service in the tourism business and as a result that Peru is considered the best tourist destination in the world thanks to the attractions that Peru possesses.