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Payment methods

Dear Customer:

Our travel Agency offers professionalism and experience that accompanies us in all programs and activities that we provide, our mission is to meet the requirements in all the different packages we offer.

Our company has modern and comfortable buses to give a better service to our clients. Our team of professionals in the area of tourism, strives every day to improve the service, our staff is highly trained to provide personalized advice, taking care of all the details of the trip.

Thank you for choosing and trusting in us.

Payment policies and reservations.

Reservations can be made by mail, phone or fax.

Once we confirm or book available spaces, the corresponding invoice will be sent via e-mail with the booking confirmation.

Email: info@raptravel.org
Phone: +51 84 231577
Mobile: +51 84 984 186268
Address:  Av. Huascar #222 3er Piso #301 (Wanchaq – Cusco)
RUC: 20490005022

Paypal payment

To make a payment by the PayPal system click on the Following button and complete the details for your operation:

All payments via Paypal are subject to an additional commission of 8%

To make your payments for VISA must add an additional commission of 5%


Account Savings in Dollars:

No. 285 19246522197
Savings Account in Soles:
No. 285 37549579032
Swift code: BCPLPEPL
Address: Av. El Sol 189 Cusco – Perú
To name: Alicia Huamani Ayanz

Current Account in Dollars:
No. 426 3057004212
Swift code: BINPPEPL
Address: Av. Sol 380 Cusco – Perú
To name: Agencia Operadora de Viajes y Turismo Raptravel S.R.L


To name: Alicia Huamani Ayanz
DNI: 41538114
Web: http://www.westernunion.com

To name: Alicia Huamani Ayanz
DNI: 41538114
Web: https://www.moneygram.com

Account Savings in Dollars: No. 285 19246522197
Swift code: BCPLPEPL
Address: Av. El Sol 189 Cusco – Perú
To name: Alicia Huamani Ayanz
Web: https://www.xoom.com

Once the 50% deposit has been made, send the receipt of the money sent to the email info@intiraymi.org, and we will send you the confirmation of the tour and the payment of the reservation.

Note: If you are inside Peru you do not need the Swith code to make a transfer.


* All cancellations and / or cancellations of services must be made with due anticipation to avoid inconvenience, at least two weeks before, otherwise they will be subject to a penalty.

Thanks for your preference.