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The Inti Raymi festival in the Inca Empire

Inti Raymi, was a magnificent festival in the Inca empire and was held at the winter solstice in June when the sun is the furthest away from Earth, that’s when the harvest begins. On the main day of the celebration the most important people gathered in the main square of Cusco, there were generals, princes, governors and of course the Inca Emperor, all wearing their finest clothing, shields and scepters.

The main character is the Inca, who’s chosen through a competition where they look for an impressive appearance. The Inca wears garments with the colors of Tawantinsuyo, golden bracelets and a feather ornament on his head, his carriage is carried by eight vassals.

The contemporary ceremony repeats the Incan rites in even the smallest detail. When the Willac Umo has transmitted the interpretation of the prophecy the Inca orders that he retires that bursts out in a loud celebration that last for several days.

Cada vez queda menos para la Fiesta del Sol, solo faltan:

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