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How to Book Inti Raymi 2023?

Hello! In this article, I will be happy to tell you how to book tickets for the Inti Raymi 2024 Festival. This event is one of the most important celebrations in Peru and takes place every June 24th in the city of Cusco.

How many tickets will be sold this year for Inti Raymi 2024?

As you may know, Inti Raymi is a very popular event and spaces are limited. Only 3,500 people can enjoy it each year, and these spaces are divided into three stands: orange, red, and green.

  • The orange stand in the 2024 edition of Inti Raymi sold 1,768 spaces,
  • the red stand sold 1,188 spaces,
  • the green stand sold 844 spaces.


In 2024, a total of 3,800 spaces were sold, and almost 98% of these were occupied in the orange and red stands, while the green stand was completely filled because it was the most economical. It is important to highlight that Peruvians had special offers to enter the green stand with only 100 soles or approximately 35 dollars, so most of these spaces were occupied by local tourists.

This year, it is expected to sell an equal number of tickets for Inti Raymi 2024.

June is high season and full of travelers, and many of these travelers seek to enjoy the Festival of the Sun in Peru.

For those who wish to enjoy the Inti Raymi 2024 Festival, it is important to consider that June is one of the months in which hundreds of thousands of travelers arrive in the city of Cusco. For this reason, it is recommended to book tickets in advance to ensure a spot in the stands.

The exact date for the Inti Raymi 2024 Festival is June 24, which this year falls on the fourth Saturday of June. It is important to stay tuned to the news and official announcements to obtain more information about the date, availability of tickets, and ways to purchase a ticket to enter Inti Raymi.

How were tickets purchased for Inti Raymi in 2024?

The way to buy a ticket for Inti Raymi was as follows in 2024:

  1. Attend one of the physical ticket offices in the city of Cusco, which in 2024 was located at the municipal theater.
  2. Make a seat selection and generate a reservation.
  3. Pay the reservation.
  •  In 2024, payment could be made in cash at the same point of sale
  • through bank transfer
  • or via a deposit or payment at a teller made available to the public.

Note that it was not possible to pay for the ticket online with a credit or debit card as there were no payment methods available.

Buy an Inti Raymi ticket with a travel agency and forget about queues and problems.

If you are a traveler who wants to experience Inti Raymi from another city or even from another country, the most efficient way to guarantee a good experience is to trust our agency to help you acquire a ticket for Inti Raymi 2024. This way, you will avoid problems and unpleasant experiences when acquiring tickets. Since EMUFEC, the government institution responsible for promoting and organizing the event, does not offer the necessary facilities to purchase a ticket for Inti Raymi from another country or from another city in Peru.

In conclusion, the best way to make a reservation for tickets to Inti Raymi 2024 is to do it through a reliable travel agency. And when it comes to trust, our travel agency in Cusco is the best option. Write to us at to help you with the purchase

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