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How to get your tickets for Inti Raymi? Stages and prices of tickets

Inti Raymi is one of the most important celebrations in Inca culture. This festival takes place every year in the city of Cusco and commemorates the winter solstice. During the Inti Raymi celebration, various ceremonies and rituals are performed to honor the sun and give thanks for the good harvest.

If you’re planning to attend the Inti Raymi festival this year, it’s important to know that tickets will not be sold through the EMUFEC government website responsible for this event. Instead, you can purchase your tickets from authorized travel agencies and tourism providers. For example, in our agency, we have available tickets for Inti Raymi 2024.



Tickets for Inti Raymi are distributed in three zones: orange, red, and green. The orange zone offers the best view and the most complete experience during the Inti Raymi celebration. Orange zone tickets are the most requested, so if you want to acquire one of these, we recommend doing so well in advance.

Discover the costs of Inti Raymi 2024: a unique experience in Cusco

The prices for Inti Raymi in 2024 were as mentioned below, and it’s expected that for this year, 2024, they will remain the same or even decrease to promote tourism in Cusco. However, there’s no official communication from EMUFEC regarding “When will the tickets for Inti Raymi start selling” or “How will the tickets for Inti Raymi 2024 be sold.”

Below are the details of costs and locations for the different stages of the event during the year 2024:

First act – Qoricancha:

This stage offers a “VIP Stand” with a limited capacity of approximately 300 seats. In 2024, the prices were $10 for foreign children, guides, and national tourists, and $25 for foreign adults.

Second act – Plaza de Armas de Cusco:

There are no stands in this stage, but the experience is completely free. Just make sure you find an ideal location around the square or even in the stands of the cathedral atrium.

Third act – Sacsayhuamán:

  1. Here, you will find three stands with different prices (in US dollars):
  2. Orange Stand: Adults paid $150 per person, while children and guides cost $75.
  3. Red Stand: Adults paid $150 per person, while children and guides cost $75.

Green Stand: The general rate was $100 and $50 for children and guides. Peruvian travelers and tourists: In the Green Stand, they enjoyed a special rate of $40 per person. There are no special prices for children or guides, as the rate is flat.


Also, it’s important to know that tickets for Inti Raymi 2024 are limited. In total, there are just over 3,500 seats for spectators, so it’s important to book in advance so you don’t miss out on your ticket.

At our travel and tourism agency, we have different package options that include the entrance to Inti Raymi, as well as other cultural and tourist activities in the city of Cusco. If you want more information about prices and packages available for Inti Raymi 2024, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience one of Peru and the world’s most important cultural celebrations. Secure your ticket to Inti Raymi 2024 and enjoy a unique experience where you can learn about and appreciate the rich Inca culture.

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