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Secure Payment Options for Inti Raymi Festival Tickets

Make sure to read the full article to get all the real and accurate information on how to purchase your Inti Raymi tickets safely and reliably. Don’t miss out on this unique celebration, the most important festival of the Inca culture, and book in advance with confidence.

Unlike other events and tourist attractions, there is no way to buy Inti Raymi tickets online. Local entities responsible for organizing the event (EMUFEC) do not offer the option to buy tickets online, so you must explore other alternatives.

Other ways to obtain Inti Raymi tickets when online purchase is not possible

The best option to get your Inti Raymi tickets is to trust a travel agency with a presence in Cusco. These agencies have direct contact with local entities, such as EMUFEC, the institution in charge of the event, and can ensure a safe and hassle-free ticket purchase management.

Additionally, a local travel agency in Cusco can keep you informed of any changes in ticket availability and ensure you have personalized attention during your visit to Inti Raymi.

Why trust a travel agency?

  1. They accept online payments: Many travel agencies offer the option of making online payments, allowing you to buy your Inti Raymi tickets quickly and safely from anywhere in the world. This eliminates the need to travel to Cusco to make the purchase in person.
  2. They offer additional services: By relying on a travel agency to purchase your tickets, you can also take advantage of other additional services, such as professional tour guides and private transportation. This will allow you to enjoy a more complete and personalized experience during your visit to Inti Raymi.
  3. They help with organization: Travel agencies can assist you with all the details of your visit to Inti Raymi, from booking accommodations and transportation to organizing personalized tours. This will allow you to enjoy the festival without worrying about organizational details.
  4. They have precise timings: Travel agencies have experience in the destination and know the precise timings for each activity of Inti Raymi. They will ensure that you do not miss any important details of the festival and guide you to make the most of your visit.

How is the ticket purchase process with our travel agency?

At our travel agency, we understand that purchasing tickets for Inti Raymi can be a complicated and risky process. In previous editions, we have seen numerous scams from other agencies that request 100% payment of ticket value, which can generate doubts and mistrust among customers.

Therefore, we offer the option to reserve your Inti Raymi tickets with only 50% of the total value and pay the rest when you arrive in the city. This payment option is not only convenient for our customers, but it is also a protective measure to avoid any type of scam and guarantee their safety and peace of mind.

What payment methods does our travel agency accept?

  • At our travel agency, we offer multiple payment options for Inti Raymi tickets, including:
  • Interbank transfers to local banks such as BCP or Interbank
  • PayPal
  • Credit and debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Diners Club
  • They can also use cash transfer services such as Western Union, MoneyGram, or Xoom.

We ensure that ticket purchases are as easy and convenient as possible for our customers.

Commercial and tax information of our travel agency:

Commercial name: RAP Travel S.R.L. Travel and Tour Operator Agency
RUC: 20490005022
Address: Av. Huascar #222 3rd Floor #301 (Wanchaq – Cusco – Peru)
Email: or

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